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Scuba Monkey

Blue Lagoon


We have the necessary training videos is a easy to play format (YouTube). Works easily on PC, Ipad or Iphone.

~Explore the world~

Local charters, Domestic and International Trips. Traveling with a group is relaxing and meeting new people can heal the soul.


Diving is safer and more fun with a buddy. Meet new friends, share your passion or simply relax with a group you will call your family

Frequently Asked Questions


Scuba Diving

When do I need a Medical Release?
A medical release is required for all Scuba and Freediving training. If there are all "no" on the medical form you will not need a dr review and signoff.

Medical Release


Swim Classes

What are Swim Skills Workshops?
Swim skills workshops are designed to allow a student to focus on a specific skill in a more relaxed environment. If the student needs more time with a area he/she can repeat until ready to move on with lesson. Many classes are small and offer a good focus on the students by the instructor.