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Blue Lagoon

Mermaid Cove

Mermaid Classes

Intro Class Ages 7-14 ($125)Intro Class Ages 15 and up ($125)


Mermaid Introduction $125

Average class: 4-6 kids, 1-2 instructors, 60 minutes of instruction.
Includes Tail (if student has tail price is reduced to $100)

  •        Float: 30 seconds on back, 30 seconds on front—take breath while on front.
  •        Roll from front to back, roll from back to front.
  •        Tread water for approximately one minute.
  •        Swim 25 yards or meters in any manner.
  •        Perform the dolphin kick.

What you will Learn
  •        Demonstrate taking mermaid tail on and off.
  •        Show the Quick Release Method.
  •        Learn various methods to swim with and without tail.
  •        Mermaid Tail Care
  •        Safety Rules.

Mermaid Tails