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Blue Lagoon

COVID-19 Policies

~ Aerobics Classes ~ 
Due to the increased risk outside of pool we are maintaining a class count of 9 max. This is particularly an issue in between classes. Each class will be 50 mins allowing 5 mins before and after to get ready. Until the limitations of gathering are lifted, we are limiting showering to rinsing only. We are also asking everyone to maintain social distancing of 6 ft outside of pool.Class participation is limited to one class, no back to back unless there are empty spaces. This is to try to ensure that all members have access to classes. If you would like to participate in a back to back class, you must exit the pool area and if there is availability once the next class begins, then you may reenter the pool area.  
~ Swim Classes ~ 
We can conduct our swim classes however we have made a few changes to ensure the safety of customers and our staff. We are only permitting students to remain at facility during classes. We have setup a waiting area outside to allow for observation and safe distancing. If you are a parent or guardian, we ask you insure your child is ready for class and drop your child off no earlier the 5 min before class and pickup when class concludes. Our class count has been maintained to minimize contact and if needed we will conduct an additional class to insure proper levels.  

Frequently Asked Questions


Scuba Diving

When do I need a Medical Release?
A medical release is required for all Scuba and Freediving training. If there are all "no" on the medical form you will not need a dr review and signoff.

Medical Release


Swim Classes

What are Swim Skills Workshops?
Swim skills workshops are designed to allow a student to focus on a specific skill in a more relaxed environment. If the student needs more time with a area he/she can repeat until ready to move on with lesson. Many classes are small and offer a good focus on the students by the instructor.