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Aquatic Center

Aqua Aerobics

Aerobics Classes
Each class is 55 mins, Indoor Heated Pool
                        Monday - Friday

         8-8:55am, 9-9:55am, 12-12:55pm
        Monday Wednesday & Thursday
Yearly Membership - $20.90/mo Unlimited Classes
Quarterly Membership - $25.90/mo Unlimited Classes
Aerobics Punch Card (10 Classes) - $50
                                      (20 Classes) - $80​
                                      (1) Class - $8

Aquatics & Aerobics Calendar

Aerobics - Deep Water

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Apr 24
Aerobics - Aqua Fit
Apr 24
Aerobics - Noodle Time!
Apr 24
Aerobics - Silver Sneakers Splash

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Audience: All ages, Low Impact
Intensity Level: Beginner through Advanced

Class Description: This class is a fun and energetic, total body workout that is perfect for all ages and abilities. The instructor will be demonstrating high, moderate and low impact versions of each move. This class is upbeat and focuses on endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Mothers in Motion

Audience: Mothers-to-Be and Postnatal Mommas
Intensity Level: Beginner to Moderate

Class Description: This class is tailored for the prenatal and new mommas and focuses on providing a low-impact, safe environment to stretch and strengthen muscle groups used during child birth, increase circulation and help reduce injuries for before, during and after childbirth. We focus on low to no-impact routines that help strengthen key areas and build endurance. This is a fun, relaxing and supportive atmosphere for all.

Deepwater Aerobics

Audience: All Ages, No-Impact
Intensity Level: Beginner to Advanced

Class Description: In this class participants will combine low impact movements with running, stretching, cross-country skiing, jumping and much more while getting a fantastic cardiovascular workout, building stamina, strengthening all major muscle groups and improving balance and range of motion. All participants will be using flotation belts and no swimming ability is required.

High Intensity Interval Training

Audience: All ages, High Impact
Intensity Level: Moderate to Advanced

Class Description: ​HIIT is conducted in both deep and shallow water striving for a more intense cardiovascular workout, strength motions and range of motion exercises with an interval format.

Mommy & Me Aerobics

Audience: Parents with Infants / Toddlers
Intensity Level: Beginner to Moderate

Class Description: No babysitter, no problem! Bring the baby along! This is an interactive, total body workout for you while sneaking in some great quality time with baby! Children will be held in water and floating in a raft along side you. Rafts will be available for use or bring your own. Double swim diapers are required for all children participating in this class.